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Methodist church to make way for housing in Chadwell

PLANS for Riverview Methodist church in Chadwell St Mary to be converted into flats were approved by Thurrock Council’s planning committee last night (Thursday).

The committee heard that the church has fallen into disuse over the years. Developers had made attempts to have the church used for community use but this idea had fallen on stony ground.

The applicant, Barry Mack, spoke to the committee and stressed the importance of one bedroom flats to first time buyers in the borough.

Cllr Phil Anderson made a number of pertinent points regarding the closure of the building as a place of worship.

Cllr Anderson said: “It does seem ironic when there are a large number of faith groups desperate for space that we will be removing a church from the borough.”

Council officers iterated that attempts had been made to make use for community groups.

There was an extended debate and vote for a higher fence at the end of the property but this was voted down.

The planning application was approved.


  1. The Council Planning Office as well as many Thurrock Coucillors know only too well that a number of faith groups are in need of premises within Thurrock, so how do they have the audacity to totally disregard their needs when it is currently available and could give work, service, and be an additional community benifit that would be cost affective. TS

  2. So why didn’t any faith groups contact the developer and offer to buy the property then? It isn’t up to the council or councillors to instruct the owner of the property to only offer it for use by unamed faith groups – they can only deal with the planning application they receive. From the article above attempts had already been made to make it available for community use but without success.


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