Monday, March 4, 2024

South Essex College throws lifeline to overseas students

RESPONDING to reports that 2700 London Metropolitan University students could face deportation, South Essex College has offered a potential lifeline with an offer of help. The problem comes after London Met had their ability to sponsor students withdrawn by the Border Agency.

Non-EU students wishing to study in the UK need to be sponsored by colleges and universities before being allowed to enrol on UK based courses. The recent Border Agencies ban on the universities ability to sponsor students could mean up to 2000 overseas students could be left without a course. In a call to the Vice Chancellor’s office at London Met South Essex College offered to sponsor students and assist wherever possible.

South Essex College Principal, Angela O’Donoghue, said: “The affected students must be devastated with this news so close to the start of the new term. We have offered to help wherever possible.”

She continued: “The facilities at our Southend Campus are excellent and we have a good track record of not only providing small classes, quality teaching and superb student accommodation; we also offer something that is very important to overseas students, a friendly environment and people that really care.

“Added to this we are just a short train journey from London; plus we can offer all the benefits of the Essex countryside and wealth of culture throughout the county.”


  1. The London Met University was found to have no knowledge of a large percentage of the whereabouts of the students or even if they were attending classes so simply put they were taking money from overseas students and then allowing them to do as they please:

    Quote from the Immigration Minister:

    More than a quarter of the 101 students sampled were studying at the university when they had no leave to remain in this country

    Some 20 of 50 checked files found “no proper evidence” that the students’ mandatory English levels had been reached

    And some 142 of 250 (57%) sampled records had attendance monitoring issues, which meant it was impossible for the university to know whether students were turning up for classes or not.

    This just hi-lights the problem with the education system in this country, there have been numerous headlines about bogus students but they are normally from small colleges and universities rather than a major institution, you only have to wonder just how deep this problem actually goes and for how long this has been happening, the immigration regulations in the UK are becoming a laughing stock and need to be tightened up and properly enforced.

    I hope that the legitimate students are found alternative courses and that those who have flouted their invites are sent packing.

  2. Is South Essex College that cash strapped that they will accept anyone to study there. I hope the border agency checks their paperwork as thorougly. Student visa’s have been a joke for the last 12 years. There a never ending stories of this type of thing going on. It’s just a huge con for immigrants to get into the country.


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