Monday, July 22, 2024

but the Coca-Cola councillor..Is he the real thing?

WHILST WE are on the subject of the olympic legacy, we were impressed some months ago, when confident young Tory councillor Shane Hebb stood up on the floor of the council chamber to implore the Labour administration to ensure their was an enduring olympic legacy for Thurrock.

As he is an employee of Coca-Cola, he was sure to declare an interest, before he spoke.

Cllr Hebb continued to plough this furrow at a number of meetings and indeed was appointed as the shadow spokesperson on the Olympic legacy.

Alls well and good, but there now appears to be a question as to what exactly that means?

YT has been on the road at many sports organisations since the Olympics finished and is at the Come and Play Hockey event at Palmer’s on Saturday but no-one appears to have seen or heard cllr Hebb.

You would have thought that he may have made an appearance at the Thurrock Sports Council meetings but although Tory councillors Tom Kelly and Joy Redsell have appeared, no sign of cllr Hebb.

You would hope that this is a form commitment and not a tick box exercise for his continuing professional development forms at his work in Kent.

With impending nuptials, we are sure that the coca-cola kid will show us that his campaign is more a marathon than a sprint.

YT sent a series of questions to cllr Hebb but he has failed to respond.


  1. How about calling for a ban on unhealthy sugar filled fizzy drinks and junk food in schools as an Olympic legacy….

    …oh hold on just seen who he works for!


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