Thursday, July 25, 2024

Labour lay out plans for Olympic legacy

LABOUR COUNCILLORS have laid out their plans for an Olympic legacy for Thurrock.

Council leader John Kent has appointed backbencher Steve Liddiard as his “Legacy Tsar” in order to ensure that the momentum gained by both the olympics and paralympics is maintained.

Speaking to YT, cllr Liddiard said: “At the moment we are at early stages. I want to get round and meet as many people as possible and do the ground work.It is all about seeking out the needs of people in the borough but also organisations such as Sports England as well.”

The portfolio holder, cllr Victoria Holloway has also been busy. YT spoke to her just after she had attended a meeting of the Thurrock Sports Council.

Cllr Holloway said: “I am so struck by the enthusiasm and commitment of our sports groups. We really need to build upon this to ensure there is an olympic legacy in Thurrock.


  1. Excellent idea lets hope they back Grays Athletics plans to build a sports hub east of the Rugby Club,with facilities for Football, Hockey,Judo etc,although I expect the usual suspects to veto it.

  2. More money to be invested in the Rugby Club, and Athletics Stadium and also to incorporate better disabled facilities, extend Blackshots swimming pool and gymnasium, there really is no need for another Football stadium in Thurrock as we have so many of them already, we need smaller pitches for youth development in 5v5, 7v7 and 9v9 we could also do with an indoor futsal area.

    A large multi sports complex that could take all martial arts and other sports like archery, fencing etc is required to maintain the public’s enthusiasm for sport.

    Lets hope that TBC can do something in the short term before people start getting disinterested.

  3. The sports hub would have small sided football pitches,all weather five a side pitches a gymnasium,womens football pitches,not just a football stadium.

  4. Womens Football Pitches??? never heard of these, they normally play on regular pitches………my statement stands about another stadium though, Thurrock Borough has several already


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