Saturday, June 22, 2024

Baroness probes budget for Crime Agency

Baroness Smith of Basildon (Labour) spoke on the floor of the House of Lords to question the costs for the National Crime Agency.

“To ask Her Majesty’s Government what is their estimate of the budget that will be required for the additional responsibilities to be taken on by the National Crime Agency; what assessment they have made as to whether there will be any additional costs arising from the new responsibilities; and whether any such costs can be met from existing budgets.”

Lord Henley (Conservative)

“The Government have committed to deliver the National Crime Agency (NCA) from within the combined budgets of its precursor organisations. For the first full financial year of operations, the NCA budget is estimated to be approximately £400 million.

“The NCA will use its enhanced intelligence capability and tasking and co-ordination arrangements to co-ordinate the law enforcement response to serious and organised crime so that resources are focused where they can have the greatest impact and duplication is eliminated. Budget considerations are included in the ongoing work on the design and operating model for the NCA.”


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