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Emotional scenes at Pink Floyd tribute fundraiser for hospices

Review by Rosie Sparrow

Any Colour You Like:

On the 22nd September the 1994 group, formerly In The Flesh, came back from their six year break to perform as Any Colour You Like a Pink Floyd tribute act. They did this in honour of band member, Alan’s, late wife who tragically passed away due to a terminal illness at Farleigh’s Hospice. The band reunited to raise money for Farleigh’s Hospice and St. Luke’s Hospice which was what the aim of the show was (other than to entertain the good people of Thurrock too).

The crowd, which for one night only included the Mayor of Thurrock Yash Gupta, were filled with anticipation as the theatre went dark and a mash-up of spoken intros of various songs. This then evolved into “Breathe” which gave everyone an idea into what the “wild ride” we were promised would be. We were introduced to the strong vocals and powerful playing on the band along with quirky visuals (in this case a plane taking off and crashing).

In the first set it wasn’t just the strong vocals of the lead singer (Ray) we were exposed to but also Denise’s (backing singer) as she launched into “Great Gig In The Sky” (although there was a brief moment when we didn’t think it would happen due to technical issues which soon passed). Despite looking nervous to begin with she soon got into it and lost herself in the music which earned her a great response from the crowd. The first set mainly followed the epic album of “The Dark Side Of The Moon” which made it flow really well as all the songs melted together. Only to be separated by the unmistakable brilliant bassline of “Money” and shrieking alarm bells of “Time”. It all concluded with “Brain Damage” with peculiar images that would have been worthy of Pink Floyd themselves.

During the 30 minute interval two representatives from the hospices held a raffle in order to raise more money, everyone got involved and had fun with it. Once everyone was back in their seats the second set started with the 18 minute track “Shine On You Crazy Diamond”. Despite it being a long song, it was so beautifully played that it just flew past. The pace started to pick up again with “Young Lust” with the heaviness of the music building up in the room and you could really see how much the band enjoys playing together. The mood was soon replaced with a sombre one with “Wish You Were Here” which was dedicated to those who had lost their lives to a terminal illness. Whilst the song was played, a slideshow of photos of passed loved ones of members of the crowd and band.

Ray became emotional as he sang but carried on despite this which a lot of people respected and people stood to applaud once it had finished. The sombre ood was broken a couple of songs later with the classic “Another Brick In The Wall” which featured students from the JTD Dance and Drama school, this was a really nice touch. After playing their final song “Comfortably Numb” the audience demanded an encore which came back in the style of “Run Like Hell.” This got everyone on their feet and clapping along to and was a great energetic end to the show.

There were a few technical issues (mainly in the first set) which didn’t faze them and they carried on as best they could. All of the members were very talented in their different areas (which were all showcased at least once throughout the show in the form of various solos in the songs) however at times it was hard to hear them all as they all seemed to be competing to be heard. Although despite this it was still enjoyable and a great way to spend your evening. All in all it was a great gig for a great cause.


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