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As Dartford toll increase looms-council say: Get your discount

CROSSING tolls across the Thames go up on Sunday and Thurrock Council Leader, Cllr John Kent, is reminding local people to apply for their discount.

“There’s not much I like about the tolls, but the Thurrock discount isn’t a bad deal for residents,” he said.

On Sunday (7 October) tolls go up to £2 a crossing – £4 to go over and back – for cars, but people who live in Thurrock can apply for a special Dart-Tag which makes it 20p each way.

Residents pay an annual registration fee of £10 which entitles them to 50 free journeys per year, and 20p for any additional journeys in the same year.

The application form to apply for the scheme is available via the front page of Thurrock Council’s website and through the Travel Thurrock link.

Cllr Kent said: “The tolls are bad for business, they are bad for congestion and they are bad for regeneration, but unfortunately it seems we have to live with them.

“The decision to increase the tolls at this time also beggars belief, but be warned, there is another increase already on the way.

“The government seems to be moving forward on its promise of free-flow tolling, but that’s still two years away at least, two years of stop-start traffic trundling over the bridge or through the tunnels and jamming up the junctions, roads and streets at either end.

“To me it has always seemed sensible – if there have to be tolls, which I dispute anyway – to link the free-flow tolling with improvements to the motorway junctions with the A13. Half a scheme is better than none, but we still have no date except ‘after 2015’ for junction improvements.

“I stand by what I have said for years. Do away with the stop-start tolls and make the necessary and long-overdue changes to the M25 and A13 then there will be no need for another river crossing and all that involves either.”

Cllr Kent said: “Finally, I would like to remind everyone in Thurrock that crossing charges go up on Sunday, but if you are a resident who uses their personal car there is no need to pay extra. Sign up now and make a huge saving.”


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