Wednesday, April 24, 2024

Cllr Rice slams Tories over Petroplus at Labour Party Conference

A LEADING THURROCK councillor made a blistering attack on the Tories conduct over the collapse of Petroplus in Coryton.

Chadwell St Mary councillor, Barbara Rice, speaking to the Labour Party Conference, said:

“Coryton was the only profit making refinery in the Petroplus Group, providing some 20pc of the fuel needs of the South of England.

“Other refineries in Europe that are not profitable are still operating, given protection by their Governments. In the UK, despite extensive lobbying by Richard Howitt MP, Cllr John Kent and prospective parliamentary candidate for Thurrock, Polly Billington, Ministers failed to intervene.

Turning their backs, devastating a community and costing over 800 jobs.

“We were just asking for a helping hand, a short term measure until a new owner could be found. A better option than throwing over 800 people on the dole. Not to mention the knock on effect of hundreds more as the effect of
the job losses hit the economy.

“This government operates double standards. They fawn before the financial elite but have brought my community to its knees by adopting a hard and heartless stance to working people.

“Out of touch Ministers and an out of touch Government.”


  1. Cllr Rice is cleary blinded by reality by her huge illegal fence.

    While I was really annoyed, like many in Thurrock, that more couldn’t be done to save the refinery I understood that we just did not have the money to fund such a huge bailout. Before she starts going on about bailing out the banks I shall remind her that it was her party which threw millions at our failing banks not the Tories.

    This councillor sums up exactly why the economy is in such a mess. Labour seem to have no concept of money, basic economics and budgeting even if many of their voters do. Going by cllr Rice’s logic should the government bail out the JJB Sports stores which are still making a profit? Or reopen those Peacocks stores which were making profit?

    If I were this cllr I would stop shouting nonsense about something which she herself cannot control and sort out the one thing she can….her illegal fence.


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