Sunday, December 10, 2023

West Tilbury WI October report

By Joy Ridgewell

THE speaker tonight at West Tilbury WI was Mike Logan Wood from RSPB who brought along slides of the Birds around our countryside. He explained many features of their way of life and said the disappearance of many birds that were once so popular is due to the lack of food supply.

He said this year was particularly bad and he had found nests where the young had starved because the parents were unable to get the grubs and insects to feed them. Fumes from traffic destroy the insects that many birds rely on for their food. Have you noticed there are not many midges about? These are killed of by petrol fumes and this is what a lot of birds rely on.

An interesting point was to how birds keep warm it is that they have built in antifreeze that protects them in cold weather.

Members reminded the Village Hall Bazaar is to be held on 10th November and asked members to support it.

Next month will be the AGM President Gillian Morris and secretary Nicky Nunn will be standing down and a new committee will be elected.

Competition: ‘A Bird Memento’ was won by Jane Woodman with her picture of a Robin.

Raffle: Margaret Ockendon and June Adams won prizes.

Next meeting: At West Tilbury Village Hall on November 2012 at 7pm to 9-30pm

Speaker: Ann Hardy ‘All aboard for Santa’s Grotto’

Visitors are welcome.


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