Sunday, July 21, 2024

UKIP councillor reflects on first six months serving Aveley (and beyond)

FOR MANY, Aveley and Uplands councillor, Robert Ray has been a revelation. Until the night of the local elections last May, he was just another name on a ballot paper. Many expected him to get two hundred votes at the most.

But Robert had been putting in the hard yards for nearly a year, knocking on doors around the ward, listening to concerns and pledging to address them.

Since May, Robert and his wife have been seen, not only out and about in the ward, but at the back of many meetings, learning his craft and understanding what the needs are of his community, both in Aveley and in Thurrock.

You get the feeling that if UKIP can organise themselves, so that they use Aveley as their prototype and then organically spread their message across to neighbouring ward, then they could have something here.


  1. Good stuff, Robert! Even better that you didn’t take the “Blame it on Europe line!” Keep up the good work. Can’t wait for interviews with Aveley’s two Conservative Councillors – wait a minute, they are not allowed to speak to your thurrock, what a shame!

  2. Yep, the Tories are too busy securing funding for community facilities like a tennis court. Such a shame…

  3. I agree Descamisados, its a shame the Tory councillors can’t defend themselves here on Your Thurrock, maybe either of the councillors should reply (just like Tory, Ben Gadsby does). I am sure that the people would like to know who has been economical with the truth?

  4. I think they got to Gadsby because even he stopped commenting eventually. 12 months after everyone else. Maybe he’s being a good little boy so that he gets selected for a safe seat next time? Orsett might be available as there’s now only one Revell left…


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