Friday, March 1, 2024

Youth shelter in Aveley: “You make the trough big enough?”

WHILST interviewing UKIP councillor Robert Ray as well as UKIP Essex Police crime commissioner candidate, Andrew Smith on Saturday in Aveley, we walked across the the Aveley Recreation Ground.

Cllr Ray has questioned the plans by Thurrock Council to spend nearly £150,000 on further youth provision when some of the facilities have been wrecked.

Cllr Ray pointed out the youth shelter and so we let our camera pan across the structure. It is full of glass, graffiti and is burnt beyond recognition in one corner.

One of the arguments is that a shelter gives youths somewhere to go. Not any more unless you quite like sitting in a ruined, burnt out hole.

Some say you can only have such a provision, if it is “policed” effectively. Otherwise, what message, does it send out to taxpayers?

For your information, on a beautiful sunny afternoon, the park was deserted.


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