Wednesday, December 6, 2023

Veteran councillor receives award from Labour leader

VETERAN Labour councillor, Diana Hale had a lifetime of service to the Labour Party acknowledged last week as she received a Merit Award at the party conference from the Labour leader, Ed Miliband.

Cllr Hale who represents the Stifford ward was acknowledged as a stalwart of the party in Thurrock and beyond.

Diana has worn many hats over the year and her commitment to education as well as the environment is unrivalled.

Conference also acknowledged the work Diana undertook in her ward and continues to do. A few years ago, it was held by two Tory councillors but it is now a strong Labour ward.


  1. Descamisados how Freudian of you and telling that your blog name spelt backwards is Sodasimacsed. Think about things before your haste to sound clever and erudite. As for Cllr Hale I think the lifetime award shows the extent of the esteem in which most people hold this lady who has made countless sacrifices in her life to help others. How very brave of you to pick on a lady of senior years and who is very unwell. I suggest you apologise to the lady show your elders more respect and stop displaying your obvious and Tory partisanship against this lady. Incidentally I note that Descamisados is Argentinian Spanish for the “The Shirt lifter”. Why use that coded name? Yet more Freudian slips on your behalf?

  2. You’re going to have to tell me, “sserp hot” what the relevence of reversing a name is, especially seeing as “Sodasimacsed” isn’t a word.

    Descamisados, on the other hand, actually means “shirtless”, but is actually used to describe Spanish revolutionaries. I have Spanish blood (which I am proud of) and I would support a revolution in Thurrock (as you may have guessed), so I found the name apt.

    Anyway, maybe you’re just a backwards person because I haven’t picked on Cllr Hale at all. Not even mentioned her in fact. I have a great deal of respect for her, she’s one of the very few councillors who are actually genuinely nice people and not always banging on about politics.

    My comment is at the slighlty slack reporting, given the 2010 majority of 80-odd.

  3. There is no reason why the Tories cannot win at least one seat in Stifford Clays. It’s a fairly tidy area which has given the Tories a decent number of votes. The way seats seem to swing in Thurrock means we are not really a borough of many safe seats outside of Orsett, the Tilburys and East Tilbury.

    Although I’d admit this ward is definately a more Labour leaning marginal rather than somewhere like Ockendon which is slightly more right leaning.


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