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Bulphan WI: The Full Monty and other surprises

Report from Bulphan WI October 2012

By Janet McCheyne

OCTOBER has been a very busy month for members of Bulphan WI: there was a hugely enjoyable coach visit to Kensington Palace and many of us have been meeting weekly for our hilarious singing lessons with Doreen Potter. We decided we would feel more like a choir if we were colour-co-ordinated, so we were visions in pink, then purple, then red and finally black and white. Doreen not only improved our musical skills, but provided inspirational anecdotes between songs: a wonderful lady.

We ran the raffle at the County Autumn Meeting, which saw hundreds of WI members congregating at the Civic Hall at Blackshots from all over Essex. Mayor Yash Gupta welcomed everyone, Jerusalem and the National Anthem were accompanied by the accordion and the speakers were varied and interesting. County Chairman June Ward ran the meeting in her usual friendly and efficient way and we met Essex Federation’s new finance officer: Mr.Pay!

We also managed to fit in an outing to the Palace Theatre in Westcliff to see the Full Monty live on stage, and there were plenty of invitations to parties and events at other local WIs.

We welcomed 2 new members: Lesley Crisp and Margaret Gladwell, and Joanne Coles provided a lovely flower arrangement in a pumpkin for our harvest window in the village church.

Jean Fullerton, billed as an East End author, told us her story. She is a former metropolitan policewoman and is now a district nurse. She was such an engaging speaker that many members later bought copies of some of her many books.

On Wednesday, November 14th three of our own talented members (Joanne, Sally and Iris) will provide workshops on making Christmas garlands, macaroons and Christmas boxes. Visitors and members are asked to bring old Christmas or birthday cards – not too small and the best ones are square cards – for the boxes.

Visitors will of course be welcome (free for the first visit, then £3 after that – includes tea/coffee and cake). Have a look at our website ( or pick up a programme from Bulphan Shop to find out what’s going on, or ‘phone for a chat


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