Thursday, July 25, 2024

Tories continue to question Barking and Dagenham relationship

THURROCK TORIES questioned the nature of the relationship between Thurrock Council and their near-ish neighbours in Barking and Dagenham.

With concerns that shared services, might develop into something more, Tory leader, cllr Phil Anderson if he had explored other options.

Cllr Anderson said: “Yu can understand that there is a degree of disquiet. Many people moved out to Essex to “get away” from London.”

Council leader, John Kent informed the chamber that the council also has a public health arrangement with Southend.

He added: “We have had discussions with both Basildon and Havering but they have come to nothing.”

However he stressed: “We don’t want to be a London borough either


  1. Well it’s a bit tough on the Comrade not wanting to be a London borough because his party has spent 10 years turning Thurrock into just that. The majority view now appears to be that the place is a dump and has got significantly worse under the Last Labour government. Many other councils probably refuse to be involved with Thurrock for good reason. The other London borough turned into a refugee camp by Labour is only too happy of any assisatnce they can get. So Thurrock gets a bunch of part timers to run the show just so Labour can help out their comrades in Barking.

  2. Well done to the Tories for bringing this up. Thurrock’s links with Barking and Dagenham do make me think that the Labour group would rather us be a part of London. Coming from London I can categorically say I have no desire to live in a London borough. Many are badly run, overcrowded and dirty….especially the ones run by Labour councils. Barking and Dagenham Labour group have presided over the worst decline that area has ever seen in its history and that is the borough that Thurrock Labour want to jump into bed with?!


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