Thursday, December 7, 2023

Council pledge to build on olympic legacy

IN A RARE moment of unity and in a meeting that resembled the olympic basketball final of 1972 more than anything else, Thurrock Council pledged to build a legacy for the olympics.

The motion was moved by Stanford councillor, Shane Hebb, who in stentorian, churchillian tones wanted the legacy to mean so much more than sport.

The young councillor fizzed with enthusiasm as he made a number of references to building a sense of pride, aspiration and achievement adding that one day people may aspire to move from council accommodation to buying a house.

With some sports clubs (such as Thurrock Judo Club in Purfleet) coached by Olympic referees, not even having a changing room, they may well share such aspirations.

The motion was seconded by Tilbury councillor, Steve Liddiard, who, quietly, behind the scenes, has been putting the building blocks together, meeting key partners and developing a strategy.

Homesteads councillor, Sue MacPherson (Cons) praised the work of the hundreds of Thurrock residents who acted as gamesmakers as well as those who helped out in Thurrock at the relay.


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