Sunday, December 10, 2023

Rosie’s Blog: Harris Sixth Form Centre Review

By Rosie Sparrow

After a year of having to put up with small classrooms and late lessons in order for AS students to get the lessons they need, we finally have the building we desperately needed. Our own space away from the rest of the school (although if you’re sent to get something from resources it does feel like a trek).

Some students think that it is smaller than what they expected however even with all the new students it doesn’t feel to be too busy or too crowded. With the classrooms and lockers closer together there also isn’t a rush to get from one lesson to the next with the worry of being late. Even teachers seem to be finding it useful to round up any strays from their class after break or lunch. For break and lunch we also have our own canteen who are currently asking for suggestions for meals and sells tea/coffee (which many students have taken to, especially if they have a 9am start). Not only do we have new classrooms and a new canteen but we also have a silent study area in addition to the study area in the library. This will be changing so students will be able to study without any distractions which will be very useful due to the work load – and even more so coming up to exams.

The silent study room may only have one computer however netbooks have been bought for students to book out whenever they need to in a study lesson. That’s not the only new technology that we have; each Sixth Form student has now been issued with a pass card which gives you access to the building to try and keep the Sixth Form building purely for Sixth Form students.

The final touches are going up to give it a more personal feel with important posters to do with subjects and universities so it looks less like a blank canvas and more like a school/college. Then by the end of the year students and teachers would have made the perfect picture of Chafford’s own Sixth Form.


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