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Thurrock’s Talking Newspaper “Read all About It”

Every Tuesday night a group of volunteers gather round the microphones on the Second floor of the Thameside complex. They are proving a service . To serve Thurrock’s Visually impaired population with a digest of local news that they cannot otherwise realise. They have been doing this for an awful long time . Secretary John Franks has been there almost since the beginning in the mid seventies

This organisation doesn’t particularly need funds ,they manage ok ,but they need awareness. Sadly there are over 200 Visually impaired or blind people living in Thurrock but the talking newspapers are only asked to produce about 80 copies each week. Volunteer John Reed thought it crucially important to raise awareness of the service so it can continue to provide such a lifeline as it has done for the past 40 years or so.

If you know someone who could benefit from the service or maybe you would like to volunteer then please go to or ring Secretary John Franks on 01375 373611

You don’t have to read ,you could just go on a Wednesday morning and help with production.

Mike Jones went along to read recently and took his camera along


  1. As a registered blind person, unable to read the text of printed newspapers without manually scanning it into a computer and having speech reading software read the screen back to me, I would like to thank the services of Thurrock’s talking newspaper and also yourthurrock for bringing local media in an accessable format to blind and visually impaired people.

    I wish to thank all those who volunteer their time to keep us informed of local news, topics and items and keep us visually impaired connected to society.


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