Wednesday, May 29, 2024

YT’s New York friends clean up after Hurricane Sandy

LAST YEAR, YourThurrock made a series of films in New York City. So, it was with some concern for the people who participated in the film, when we saw Hurricane Sandy unfold in front of our eyes on TV.

We spoke to actress, Claudia Morcroft, who lives on the Lower East Side of NYC. Claudia worked with a number of theatre groups in Thurrock including the Creative Blast Academy (who have a show at the Thameside on Wednesday!).

Claudia told us on Monday evening, that it was hardly raining but becoming extremely windy.

Down in Red Hook in Brooklyn, which is far more exposed to the winds, being right on the shoreline, we spoke to Jessica Colon from the Center for Criminal Justice.

Jessica said: “Thank you so much for reaching out. Our part of Brooklyn got hit hard with water surges. The Red Hook area was flooded.

“We’ll be busy with clean up, but the neighborhood will pull together and we’ll get through this.”


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