Thursday, December 7, 2023

Grays Beach Park Cafe set on fire

A FIRE has taken place at The cafe at Grays Beach Cafe.

Fire officers were called at just after 6pm on Monday night.

Crews were called to Grays Beach to tackle a fire in the park. Initially one appliance was sent to the scene but on arrival, the incident commander requested the attendance of an additional appliance for water.

A third appliance was ordered to the scene for extra breathing apparatus crews after it was established that the fire involved the single storeu extension of the beach cafe.

Firefighters reported that the fire has not entered the building and they used one hose reel to put it out.

At 18:15 hrs crews report that the fire is in the roof space of the cafe, a single storey building measuring 15 m x 20 m.

Crews wearing breathing apparatus cut away the roof space and reported steady progress.

An additional three appliances were on the scene for manpower.

The incident was under control by 20:12. At 20:47 hrs, crews reported a number of hotspots remain and they continued to cut away parts of the roof and used one hose reel to eliminate all signs of fire. Steady progress is being made.

A joint Police and Fire Service investigation will be carried out to establish the cause.

A spokesperson for Thurrock Council said: “Following the fire last night (5 November) at Grays Beach Café, Thurrock Council is co-operating with investigations being held by the emergency services.

“The council will also be carrying out its own investigations to discover what happened, exactly what damage there has been and what needs to be done.”


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