Thursday, May 30, 2024

East Thurrock boss lashes out at Grays Athletic

WELL, WE WERE fairly sure East Thurrock United boss, John Coventry wasn’t going to the Grays Athletic Christmas party and this would appear to confirm it.

Covo has gone on the record to put the record straight over the recent team selection at the Essex Senior Cup tie against Grays Athletic.

He has also re-iterated his definition of “biggest club in Thurrock” as well.


  1. don;t stoop to their level Covo,East Thurrock may not be the biggest club in Thurrock,but it is easily the best.

  2. So not only was he disrespectful to the Essex Senior Cup competition by KNOWINGLY flouting the laws, he was also disrespectful to his youth team players, or kids, as he likes to call them, by not giving them the chance of first team football. The man may have a fantastic footballing brain, but when it comes to common sense, he is found wanting. Will the club have to pay a fine for this outrageous behavior? Better still he should reimburse the Grays Athletic fans who went along to watch what was, unbeknown to them, a complete farce.

    Shame on him.

  3. rocket1 instead of making juvenile posts look at the plain facts:East Thurrock knowingly fielded ineligible players thus treating one of the oldest and for many years one of the most prestigious cup competions with contempt.There is no justification for it and no defence,one assumes ETU have a reserve team and youth team?If so why were there not players available,and,if no elligible players then the honourable thing to do was withdraw from the competition as Grays did a few seasons back when faced with the same situation.

  4. Football history lesson for you rocket:;

    Befor the FA Trophy became the biggest Non League knock out cup there was the FA Amateur Cup,the London Senior Cup and the various County Cups one of the most prestigious of these County Cups was the Essex Senior
    because:the following leading Amateur clubs who provided many of England’s Amateur Internationals,Barking,Ilford,Leytonstone,Leyton,Clapton,Walthamstow Avenue all played at the highest non leagge the old Isthmian League followed by Grays Tilbury Harwich & Parkeston,Dagenham,Briggs Sports,Aveley Rainham.etc., ,

  5. There is an old saying “Let he who is without sin cast the first stone” maybe GAFC should look back at their history and if they have never knowingly fielded an ineligble player for any competition then yes they can then take the moral high ground; however I very much doubt that they can……….seems like some fans have very short memories….

  6. Perhaps you would like to enlighten us Lambo when GAFC KNOWINGLY fielded an ineligible player. Not during the last five or six years.

    You cannot defend the indefensible.

  7. Being honest this was a disrespectful thing to do and these players got an unfair advantage to bed in with their new team mates before the next league fixture. On the other hand we have had to use young kids from our U18s this year in league and cup as we have suffered from injuries and suspensions. I think the reason people are upset is because this was KNOWINGLY done and not an error etc. It is done now and luckily we won the particular game in question so no real harm was done. But as Rocket has said apparently we are getting a reputation? Well i’m sure things like this will do nothing to help ETUs reputation so hopefully they will think twice next time they are short of players as they little things all contribute to bad feeling from opponents and we would not like them on the slippery slope that we have travelled on in the past.

    M Parker


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