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Police find illegal immigrants in a fridge and man deported after manslaughter rap during operation

FOURTEEN people were arrested and more than 320 vehicles were stopped and checked by police during a major operation in Thurrock to increase road safety and reduce crime.

The operation, on Friday November 16, involved more than 50 police officers carrying out roadside checks and mobile patrols around the district, including Grays, South Ockendon, Aveley, Tilbury and Purfleet.

Offenders were identified by officers patrolling in cars or on motorcycles or through Automatic Number Plate (ANPR) technology and vehicles were escorted to check sites at Moto Services , on the A126 approach road to Lakeside shopping centre and at Lodge Lane, Grays.

Essex police officers were also joined by officers from Kent Police, British Transport Police, DVLA, VOSA, HM Revenue and Customs. Trading standards officers and licensing officers form Thurrock Council were also involved in checking vehicles and drivers.

Seven illegal immigrants were arrested after being found in a refrigerated HGV. The truck’s two drivers, both from Poland, were arrested on suspicion of facilitating illegal entry, but were later released without charge. Three illegal immigrants were also arrested after being found during a routine check on a car near Lakeside.

One man was arrested after he was found to be wanted for breaching a non-molestation order and a man was arrested after being found that he was in the UK illegally after having been previously deported after a manslaughter conviction.

Fourteen vehicles were seized for having no insurance, a van which was found to have false engine and chassis numbers was seized after it was found to have been stolen and Customs seized a van and its load of smuggled alcohol. DVLA also seized a Mercedes car which was found to be untaxed.

Officers also dealt with 41 vehicles with expired MOTs, 55 drivers who were not wearing seatbelts and 16 people who had been using mobile phones while driving. Forty-five other motoring offences were detected.

Members of the Essex Police commercial vehicle unit also dealt with 44 driver hours offences. One driver was ordered to stop driving for 11 hours after it was found he had taken inadequate breaks and a lorry driver was found to have no operator’s licence. VOSA vehicle examiners prohibited five vehicles from the road until defects had been repaired.


  1. 11 Illegal immigrants found in a one off roadside search operation in one day. This goes to show that there must be hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants in this country that should be removed without argument. This would free up housing, jobs, school places and reduce the burden on the NHS. I’d put money on it that not one of these people are removed from this country.

  2. All these illegal immigrants including one that had already been deported just highlights how ineffective the UK Border Agency really is, and also how people will risk everything just to come to the UK with it’s soft welfare system.

    Unless these people are from a war torn country and are in genuine fear for their lives then they should be packed up on the first available flight back to their own country, stricter checks need to be enforced to stop re-entry of any person who has previously been deported and if they come back in again there should be a work camp (not a prison or detention centre) where they are put to work for a time before being thrown back out again.


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