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Tories set to probe “£200k loss” at Grangewaters Outdoor Bounds Centre

HAVING completed his forensic audit of the T-Fest accounts, Orsett councillor Mike Revell has now set his sights on the council’s outdoor bounds centre.

At next Wednesday’s meeting of Thurrock Council, cllr Revell is set to ask the portfolio holder for education, Oliver Gerrish, the following question:

“Would the portfolio holder explain why the Grangewater Centre has lost over £200,000.00 over a 3 year period?”

Thurrock residents have quipped that finding the Essex Secret Nuclear Bunker is easier to find than Grangewaters.

It is tucked down the end of Buckles Lane in South Ockendon and it is protected by large forbidding security gates.

YT understands that last year, the mayor and local ward councillor, Charlie Curtis went on a fact finding mission but, the only fact he found, was that he couldn’t get in!

This compares with Stubbers Adventure centre, just three miles up the road, in Ockendon Road, Upminster.

With its open vista and information packed website, Stubbers is seen as a thriving outdoor pursuits hub.

Cllr Gerrish’s answer is bound to attract a lot of interest.


  1. Interesting the figures for the past 3 years have been lumped together.

    For clarity we should have each financial years figures to see if the loss is reducing or getting worse.

    Cllr Revell should also be mindful that the Conservatives were running Thurrock Council up to 2010 so the figures he is quoting from include at least one year when his party was running Thurrock Council.

    For clarity we should have the figures for profit and loss for each year from 2004, when the Conservatives took control of Thurrock Council to the 2011/12 accounts.

    Then we shall be able to see if during the 6 years of Conservative control Grangewaters made a profit or an even bigger loss.

    Would be rather hypocritical of Cllr Revell to attack Labour, who have run the Council for 2 years, if Grangewaters made a similar or bigger loss for the 6 years Cllr Revell and his fellow Conservatives were running Thurrock Council.

    Of course this has nothing at all with any Conservative plans to sell off or privatise the site if they took control of Thurrock Council would it?


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