Thursday, June 13, 2024

Stop Cold Calling

Thurrock Over Fifties Forum stalwart Gerry Calder has put together a short film and is urging people to sign a petition for more action to stop cold calling which is a new nuisance for us all .

COLD TELEPHONE CALLING and silent phone calls are intrusive and a nuisance to many older people among others. They should not be seen as only effecting people Living Alone. This issue has been raised and highlighted at many meetings not only from Pensioners groups, and more action to stop them are needed
They are affecting all, and in particular disabled people, who having reached the phone with difficulties, are met hard sales talk and pressures that breaks the cardinal rule – That everyone should be entitled to peace and the quiet enjoyment of their own home.
Many of the so-called numbers available that are said to stop these calls are failing in many areas. It is an issue the Government should take up with these companies (and they can be traced, even those abroad) .We are petitioning this Government to take further steps to eradicate this aggressive and intrusive method of selling. If you have experienced cold calls you will understand the need for this action to be taken as soon as possible.
Thank you for your time in reading this and we do hope that you will support this petition by signing now

Cold calling


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