Monday, July 22, 2024

Hockey: Nine men out for thirds


With only nine men, Thurrock were under pressure from the start as the skilful Colchester side drove forward.

Thurrock held firm until the 15th minute when a mis-hit shot deflected across the line. The home team were spurred on by the goal and quickly added a second from a short corner. From the restart, Michael Fleming dribbled through and drew the keeper before passing to Lawrence Jackson whose shot went inches wide. Soon afterwards a solo run by Ricky Smith led to a shot which the in-form keeper deflected over the bar.

A Colchester shot was put wide and as Thurrock were in the process of taking the free hit, a Colchester player seized on the ball and put it in the net.

Despite Thurrock’s protests the goal was allowed to stand. In the last minute of the half, Colchester added a fourth goal from a short corner.

In the second half Colchester made a number of substitutions and pressurised Thurrock to an even greater extent, penning them into their own half and attacking in numbers and it was no surprise when two more goals were added in the first ten minutes.

Thurrock reverted to a damage-limitation mode and with Michael Fleming switching from attack to defence, held firm. Midway through the half a rare breakaway produced a short corner for Thurrock which was scored by Fleming to give them hope.

When Lawrence Jackson was given a yellow card, Colchester took advantage of the situation and added two more goals to compound Thurrock’s humiliation


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