Thursday, July 25, 2024

A legacy for Oliver Scott: Council pledge on gambling

THURROCK Council agreed a statement of principles on the pernicious dangers of gambling.

The commitment comes at the same time that the parents of former Harris Academy (Chafford) student, Oliver Scott continue to campaign for better awareness of the dangers of gambling.

Mr and Mrs Scott from North Stifford believe that Oliver took his own life last year because of massive debts he had stacked up on gambling websites.

They have campaigned in the national and local media to chronicle the torment that the multi-talented Oliver went through as he faced mounting debts.

Speaking in support, South Chafford councillor, Tunde Ojetola told the council that they had a duty to protect the vulnerable.

Conservative councillor, Ben Maney set out to reassure the council that as Thurrock was not on an original list, there was no chance that a casino could be built in the borough.


  1. The majority of people like a bet but there is part of our society who lose control of their financial world in the hope that the next gamble is the big one or more likely the next win covers the rent and the loan repayments. Gambling addiction like mental illness is still largely a taboo subject and there are no celebrities prepared to admit their addictions to raise the profile.
    Whilst working on the debt help industry few people would admit a gambling addiction but you only had to walk past many lof our bookies to see those clients.
    GamCare – Helpline: 0808 8020 133 (Available to people living in England, Scotland and Wales.)

    Do seek help now. There are people out there who can help but maybe more important understand the Gambling Addiction disease needs someone you can talk to, to start your recovery.
    I wish all suffering this Christmas a better 20p13.


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