Friday, December 8, 2023

Government impressed by Ockendon Studio School

STUDENTS at the Ockendon Studio School put their business skills to the test on Thursday 29th November when they took part in the Real Business Challenge under the watchful gaze of the Department for Education team led by David Curtis, who is responsible for Studio Schools in the region.

The Real Business Challenge is a National Enterprise Scheme where students undertake an apprentice like challenge. Run by Coca Cola Enterprises the challenge not surprisingly focussed on creating a new soft drink that should be a juice brand with clear health benefits.

Despite the pressure of working under scrutiny of the DfE the students, working in three teams, came up with some very original ideas which they followed up with market research and then product development.

They had only one day to come up with a unique drink concept, the brand name, design a logo and the packaging, as well as putting together a radio advert to promote their product. It was a real challenge and the students felt the pressure. Each team was run by a CEO, with each team member having responsibility for a different aspect of the presentation from market research, product development to marketing and creative.

Competition, profitability and sustainability were all things that the students took into consideration for their final product offer which they presented to the DfE this afternoon. The DfE team chose a winning team whose brand name was ‘Fruiteazee’ entry but all other details must remain a secret as the competition deadline is December 12th.

Vikki Kavanagh, Marketing Manager at Ockendon Studio School said , “We would like to thank the DfE for giving Lord Sugar and the X-factor a run for their money on their judging skills.”

David Curtis, Department for Education, concluded the afternoon by commenting, “Lots of hard work has gone into in creating (the Studio School) in the last year or so but actually to see it here and to hear from you all how much you enjoy the studio school … it’s really heart-warming and been a lovely day”.


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