Tuesday, October 3, 2023

2011 Census figures released for Thurrock

THE CENSUS for Thurrock as well as the rest of England and Wales has been released today (Tuesday).

A census has been taken every ten years since 1851.

YT has yet to wade through all the information but has looked at a couple of key pages.

The population of Thurrock stands at 157,705. 77,823 males and 79, 882 females.

Among the age range states are:
0-4: 12,005
10-14: 9,949
16-17: 4,117
20-24: 9,864
23-29: 11,162
30-49: 35,566
43-59: 29,375
60-64: 8,739
85-89: 1,844
90-plus: 782

Christian: 99,891
Buddhist: 615
Hindu: 1,178
Jewish: 221
Muslim: 3,164
Sikh: 1,224
Other: 456
No religion: 41,061
Not stated: 9,895


  1. Although the latest census figures once and for all tells the country exactly what the Labour party did to this country, they are vastly understated. Amazingky all 3 main political parties and the national media have said virtually nothing. They all know the truth but just cannot bring themselves to say it. A generation of children screwed by the Labour party.

  2. With the building of over 20000 new homes in Borough the population could rise by 60000 plus in the next decade. Can our infrastructure cope with this and the new Port – not a chance in hell!

  3. Our infrastructure is already creaking at the seams with the the amount of people in the borough already, if no investment is made in the infrastructure along with the new housing then we are all doomed

  4. Use the Brownfield sites for industry our borough does not have the infrastructure for more people especially when existing residents need homes and jobs.


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