Friday, March 31, 2023

Polly reflects on first year in Thurrock

IT IS always a challenge to be a prospective parliamentary candidate when the general election won’t be for another two years (all things being equal).

Polly Billington has been the Labour candidate for Thurrock for just over a year.

In her first year, Polly has certainly been high profile as she gets to grips with the multitude of issues that affect every street from Romford Road in Aveley across to Feenan Highway in Tilbury.

Polly is always seen at the back of the council meetings, taking notes, raising the occasional eyebrow as she absorbs the political landscape.

For some, it seems an easy job to chase down a 92 majority but it may not be as simple as that. Jackie Doyle-Price is considered by many to be an excellent constituency MP and many saw her refusal to take a stand with Helen Grant and her passionate speeches about the economy, aspiration and reflections on Hillsborough as similar in intent to the conviction politics of Andrew MacKinlay.

However, Polly does appear to be adept at feeling the pulse of the Thurrock voter. She is also a Thurrock commuter and knows that the people that get on the train from Grays, Chafford, Purfleet and Ockendon are not happy, not happy at all.

YT sat down with Polly in the Labour party offices in Tilbury to reflect upon the first year.


  1. Well done Michael for an interesting interview.
    I would like to hear Polly’s views on how, if she became our MP, she would help the residents of Thurrock, compared to JDP.

  2. How can anybody trust a word this woman says given the story above it, How can any sane british person in this country ever trust a thing the Labour party says. Does Milibrains place female support more mass immigration.

  3. PR woman, PR answers. Works for the Labour party, moved here after she got selected (allegedly). Sure she’ll be amazing… Not.

  4. It’s what she does that you should look out for JMW118. Labour party members, MP’s and Councillors say lot’s of things people love to hear but their actions are clearly not matched by their words. They’ve proved that beyond any shadow of a doubt.

  5. I have to say she seems to be on the ball, not that I will be supporting her until she has a plan of action to what concerns me like train fares, helping people back to work (when work is here) rather than the benefit state that we had under labour, the dartford bridge being free as it is paid for like 100 times over now since 1991, and most of all helping the vulnerable and the elderly not cutting there money or support that has already happened under the George Osborne and Ian Duncan-Smith – SUPPORTED BY OUR MP JACKIE DOYLE-PRICE may I add

  6. Train fares went up faster under Labaour between 2000-2010 than any other government.
    Welfare increased
    immigration rocketed
    Youth unemployment increased
    The Dartford crossing was switched to a congestion charge under Labour so charging could still continue.
    They sold the country’s gold at half price
    They nearly bankrupted the nation

    Polly knows that her party would still have to cut spending so I do not know where Grays88 thinks the money will come from?


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