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Blog-post: Mr Perrin wants a word in your ear about this year…..

Mr Perrin’s blog

“A word in your ear”

As 2012 draws to a close I reflect on some personal “highs” “lows” “joy” and even some “woe”.

Undoubtedly, for me, the highlight of 2012 has been the success of the campaign organised by Mrs Deirdre [Dee] Lodge regarding the issue of damp and mould in Council housing and the danger to the health and wellbeing of the occupants if exposed to category 1 hazards such as “ toxic black mould”.

Despite efforts by some Councillors to dismiss her campaign as “scaremongering”, her dogged determination has forced the Council to take the issue seriously and institute action to solve the problem. As a consequence there are people living in South Ockendon who are having improvements made to their homes which, hopefully, will eradicate toxic black mould and if the “pilot” scheme proves successful there will be many more families throughout the Borough who will also benefit. Thanks to Mrs Lodge and her husband Simon Council tenants will. In future, live in properties which are safe and free of hazards such as toxic black mould and asbestos. I nominate Mrs Lodge as Thurrock’s “Citizen of the Year” and if there is no such award then there should be.

Other “highs” have been the Council’s recognition of the achievements of people suffering with mental health problems and the “high achievers” from our local schools. Well done to all of them.

“Lows”? There are three which I particularly recall, if for no other reason than they involve Councillors in my area i.e. Belhus and South Ockendon. Two appear to have very little, if any, enthusiasm for the duties of a Councillor and the other one declares he cannot understand why so much “fuss” is made about the housing needs of retiring or invalided out military personnel.

Councillor Aaron [wily] Kiely who once elected abandoned his constituents. He still draws his monetary allowances but continues to show utter contempt for the Council, his colleagues and most of all the people of South Ockendon who voted for him.

Councillor Sue Gray better known as the “Madam” Chair of the South Ockendon Residents Association [SORA] than she is as a Councillor, and she would not have it any other way, declares that she will always put her role as Chair of SORA above her duties and responsibilities as an elected paid Councillor. It is said that she made it clear that she was not really bothered about being re-elected last May and her lack lustre campaign would seem to confirm that. But then I suppose the money must come in handy Councillor.

Councillor Charles Curtis declares he cannot understand why special treatment should be offered to ex-service military personnel. He justifies his attitude by saying that “they volunteered and knew what they were letting themselves in for so why should they now expect to be given special treatment”. Cllr Curtis it was NOT the service personnel who were ASKING for special treatment it was the Council who, as a matter of common decency and recognition of the sacrifices made by these brave men and women, were offering a helping hand and I am sure that most of the people in Thurrock would be in support of such action. You then have the effrontery to seek to compare your own ignominious military service with theirs.

“Joys”? As I enter my octogenarian year there are still a few. Good health. Family and special friends. Memories. The love of my pets past and present what joy they have given me.

“Woes”? The passing of three neighbours Bert, Horace and Freda. RIP.
However the woe I find most hard to bear is my beautiful greyhound Vic who died on 15th December, 2012. He was a retired racer and I adopted him and gave him a home in May 2007 when he was six years old. He rewarded me with companionship and fun. No doubt there will be some who will say he was just a dog and his loss cannot be compared to the loss of human lives. All I can say in reply is that Vic was my personal loss and the fact that I grieve for a dog does not diminish my sympathy and respect for those who are mourning the loss of a human life.

I take this opportunity to thank all the other bloggers and contributors to “Your Thurrock” especially those who have read my blogs and commented and to those who have commented on articles and replied to others who have commented. Jmw118, Lambo, Myles Cook, Bernard87, NoVoice, Ben Gadsby, Snakebite, Grays64, and to those I have not mentioned but should have I apologise

Finally my thanks to the Editor of “Your Thurrock” Michael Casey who has published my blogs over the past years.

A happy and prosperous New Year to all of you.


  1. Thank you Peter for your absorbing blogs and comments over 2012.
    I do wish that you would stand for election for TC, or even Westminster asap.
    I also wish you and all our YT friends a healthy and safe New Year.
    Three cheers for Peter Perrin! May you keep on upsetting all of Thurrock Council!

  2. Long may your blogs continue Peter, the debates bring together people of all sides of the political spectrum.

    I look forward to more blogs in 2013

    Have a great New Year

  3. Thank you peter for being you, not many people understand and appreciate all the hard work you do to help make residents lives better. I have known you for some years now peter and understand who you are and can honestly say it has been a privilage. My hand reaches out to you and all those that have lost especially at this time of year, but we must remember throughout our lives we have to go through the pain of loss to appreciate the good in our lives. Memories never fade peter and in time you will understand the real kindness you showed Vic and the residents around you, I only wish others would be of the same mind toward yourself.


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