Thursday, December 7, 2023

Courtney’s Blog: A survivor’s guide to Lakeside

Blog piece by Courtney Savage

ANYONE that has had access to social media on Boxing Day will probably be aware of many people’s disdain that Lakeside (and of course other shops) were open to the public with bargains galore.

Of course many people’s reaction was one of utter disgust. This season is about family (though usually the majority of complaints are from those that have to work in the shops or those that still see Christmas as a religious holiday rather than the commercialisation of the holiday it is now.) 

I’ve heard various reactions to shops being open and people shopping. My favourite was someone saying he didn’t agree with people having to work Boxing Day while he bought a drink from the bar, at the pub where people were working Christmas day. 

I’m writing this blog mainly to express and explore my own opinions in more detail but to, hopefully, find out other people’s thoughts too (so leave a comment with your opinions!) 

In my personal opinion I have nothing against the sales or even shops being open. Yes it is about family but sometimes everyone needs a break from said family.

On Boxing Day, I went to lakeside, with the intention of going to one shop for a pair of shoes (though of course I did get sucked into the sales and managed to leave with a lot more bags than planned)

I went with my mum and just before we left my dad phoned, He and my brother had just woke up. Therefore, I hadn’t missed much family time, I just broke up the day with a few hours of shopping rather than being home and probably being bored. 

Don’t get me wrong, waking up to queue for hours for the Next sale or getting to lakeside for Primark opening at 6 am is quite ridiculous.

Some people are mad shoppers, particularly for a bargain. But sometimes it’s nice to get out the house and break up the day (Unfortunately I live in such close proximity Lakeside it’s the only place to go).

Boxing Day is a family day and in moderation shopping isn’t much of a problem, and I doubt on Christmas Day shops will ever be opened for people to shop. (That’s pushing it a bit isn’t it?) 


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