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Seeking legal eagles on their way up to the bar

FOR the past six years Thurrock Council’s legal team has offered practical assistance to young people from the area looking to get into the legal profession.

Everyone of the graduates who started an as an intern at Thurrock in that time has gone on to secure full-time employment – and now the offer is even better.

With Thurrock’s legal team sharing services with Barking and Dagenham legal services, there is an increased number of specialisms available and a team of more than 60 lawyers to work with and learn from.

Fiona Taylor the Joint Head of Legal, said: “Thurrock’s history with this scheme is really impressive and with the job situation in the legal profession as tough as it is, this is something people who have finished their law degree but haven’t yet found a placement should consider.”

And David Lawson, the joint deputy head of legal, added: “We are happy to offer a three-month internship for volunteers. It’s a chance for you to learn, hands-on, about the work we do – from planning to criminal law, and many other areas too many to mention.”

Fiona said: “We have a long-established training programme which has always led to employment opportunities for those who take part – whether it is in Thurrock or elsewhere.

“The scheme offers the experience people need to find a job.”

The joint legal department also has close links with many other authorities across East Anglia and London boroughs .
Anyone interested in the three-month internship should contact Fiona Taylor ,Joint Head of Legal Service or David Lawson, Joint Deputy Head of Legal Services at or


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