Sunday, March 26, 2023

Rylan enters the Celebrity Big Brother house

STANFORD’S favourite, Rylan Clark has gone back to where it all started by entering the Celebrity Big Brother House.

The X Factor star has been extremely busy since he left X Factor just a few weeks ago, even appearing live on Christmas Day on Gordon Ramsay’s cookery programme.

Rylan joins jockey Frankie Dettori, ex-footballer Razor Ruddock, The Hills, Heidi Montag, former East-Enders star Gillian Taylforth and many more.

Rylan Has emerged as the bookie’s favourite to win the three week competition on Channel 5 as he has proved extremely popular with the public with his self effacing humour and easy going personality.


  1. Surely the title of this story should be “Old Has Been Celebrity & Wannabe Big Brother”

    And people still watch that dross on TV, oh how shallow those people must be

  2. Have to confess I have never watched, ‘X Factor’, and have never heard of Mr Clark. However if he has only left the programme a few weeks ago, how can he be an, ‘Old Has Been…’, maybe a New Has Been.

    I used to love Big Brother when it was on Channel 4, but since it has migrated to Channel 5 what a disappointment. Should be available 24/7 on the red button, then we could follow the antics of the housemates. Having to wait until nine O’clock for the latest news is not acceptable.

    Only shallow people watch BB Lambo? Shallower ones do not watch it but feel compelled to comment on it on a public forum.

  3. “Should be available 24/7” are you kidding me….. I recall, in the early days of BB, getting in from a party in the early hours of the morning and flicking through the TV channels only to find BB on air with cameras on all the inmates fast asleep, now people who would have watched that would have to be very shallow and sad……

    As for the Old Has Been & Wannabe you will find that Rylan falls into the second part of that heading and the majority of the others fall into the first part.

  4. It just goes to show how far the concept of entertainment in this day and age has been debased when a nobody who appeared in a Kareoke competition is deemed to be a “celebrity”.Unfortunately those hip young TV executives pander to the “Yoof” market. today.

    God Help us!!

  5. If you insist in judging a reality programme by its most boring bits Lambo, that’s up to you. I used to work nights and you are quite correct, half past three in the morning watching people sleep is not the most pulsating thing seen on TV. However you must judge a programme in its entirety to give a valued opinion. Do you judge how good a football match is by simply watching what happens on the pitch at half time, or do you like to witness the action during the game itself? 24/7, maybe not, but between the hours of 8.30am and about 2.00am before everyone hits the sack can be riveting viewing.


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