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Football: Bad day at the office as Grays Ath concede four at home.

Ryman Div One North

Grays Ath 1 v 4 Cheshunt

A DEMORALISED Grays Athletic had a very bad day at the Rush Green Stadium after losing 4-1 at home to Cheshunt.

Grays Ath got off to a disastrous start. In the 3rd minute, Courtney White shot from twenty yards out but the erratic keeper George Kamarasi let the ball slip right out of his hands and into the net.

Grays Ath did not panic. Harry Agombar shot in the 5th minute was easily saved and another from Jake Hall (who has been very disciplined of late) went over.

In the 9th minute, Grays had an extremely good shout for a penalty when the Cheshunt defender clearly handled on the line but the referee, Oliver Jackson, waved Grays away.

The 17th minute saw more pinball action as Joao Carlos put in a number of corners which somehow Cheshunt kept out.

Grays players became very frustrated by the referee and Kenny Beaney was booked for dissent.

Cheshunt nearly made it 2-0 when a great cross by David Greene was just bundled away by keeper Kamurasi

Grays were plugging away but without any real incision. A Jared Small shot (after another scramble) went wide as did a Jake Hall header from a corner.

Things hardly picked up in the second half.  An early Joao Carlos shot was well smothered by Cheshunt keeper, Obey Murefu but Grays did not appear to be asking any questions at all.

In the 54th minute, Grays conceded a penalty when Corey Whitley was judged to have been fouled by Danny Bunce. More yellow cards were dished out but Tony Burler scored from the spot.

It got worse in the 58th minute when a mistake by Junior Baker let Courey Whitley in. He passed square to Courtney White who passed into the net, although, he looked, very very offside.

The referee was losing control of the game, waving yellow cards. He sent off Cheshunt’s Tommy Fletcher in the 60th minute.

Hakan brought on Joe Sweeney and Luke Marshall to try and freshen up the attack.

To be fair, the team kept trying especially  Joao Carlos and Danny Bunce as they plugged down the right.

Joe Sweeney pulled one back for Grays Ath in the 80th minute. Grays Ath were given a penalty in the 85th minute but it summed up their evening when Danny Bunce hit the post.

Danny Greene scored in the dying minutes to add insult to injury but also to illustrate what a hard shift Cheshunt put in.

Grays got away with a mediocre performance on Wednesday night. They didn’t against Cheshunt. Bad day at the office or a symptom of a greater malaise. As far more perceptive fans have said, the team hasn’t been setting the world on fire at the moment but they haven’t been losing and we must remember the poor run this time last year. Time will tell.

After the game, YT asked manager Hakan Heyrettin about the future of the assistant manager, Hasan Oktay. Hasan was absent against Romford and although present in the ground, did not play an expected part, even when suspended.

YT understands that the club are reviewing his position. Mark Holloway has also been absent.

Hak and Has have been a team at Waltham Forest and Thurrock with Hassan credited as the tactical brain and Hakan the motivator and man manager (although it is never as simple as that).

These are challenging times and many clubs get to the New Year and then decide to review or recalibrate their financial situation.

It would be a shame if after 24 games, it is the “FTSE” rather than the football that decide if Grays Ath get promoted or not.

Grays Ath: Kamarusi G, Pope C, Agombar H ( Marshall L 62), Baker J, Kirby R, Hall J (West J 80), Bunce D, Beaney K, Small J (Sweeney J 72),Hammond J, Carlos J

Subs not used: Lalite L, Flynn L,


  1. Bad day at the office are the wheels falling off again? rumour has it the club are struggling financially, we know that the Academy has hit rock bottom. This is disappointing when you think the club should have had a nest egg from the developers of The Rec, or was that timed out (there were conditions attached) and the monies subsequently passed into the back pockets of others.

    As for what looks like the loss of Has, the team looked bereft of ideas against a team, who as Hak advised filled the penalty area, a real lack of tactical nous here, shame the same couldn’t be said about Grays, who opened the floodgates in the second half and allowed a mediocre team a comfortable victory.

    Ok I do sympathise with Hak, referees are becoming more important than the game and many clubs suffer due to inconsistancies, not saying it would have changed the result, but honesty may have helped.

    So if the rumours about money are true, then it is understandable that players attitudes change (although I disagree to an extent, the players do have to look after themselves), is this the beginning of the end?, will we see a players exodus?

    I feel in the after match interview Hak was not entirely happy, he looked and sounded less than confident in his manner, certainly less comfortable without his sidekick of many years.

    Very Sad, but where does this leave the club now?

    Answers please!


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