Tuesday, September 26, 2023

Mears make commitments over housing repairs

THURROCK’S temporary responsive repairs contract starts next week and the process of transferring to Mears has already started.

Discussions between the council and Mears have been fruitful, but include over a week’s backlog of 20-day priority outstanding appointments.

They will be reprioritised, but unfortunately the 20-day period will have to start again.

As part of the new agreement Mears have confirmed they will provide a realistic timeline when the backlog will be completed, including completing as many as 25 appointments a day.

The contract also confirms that repairs vehicles are fully stocked with a full set of tools – to prevent tradesmen having to leave appointments incomplete – and that any repairs appointments which pass the deadline date will be immediately re-allocated to another contractor.

Cllr Val Morris-Cook. portfolio holder for housing, said: “This is a good news story for everyone involved.

“Mears have a chance to show us what they are capable of providing, tenants should receive a long-overdue superior service, and members’ will have fewer complaints in their inbox.”

She added: “This is just one of many changes in Thurrock’s housing service that we’ll see over the coming months. We are taking a more planned approach to housing infrastructure for example.

“We will be introducing a ‘property MOT’ to target homes which need a number of repairs, provide a complete assessment so we make sure any underlying issues are properly dealt with.

“Common sense you might think, but it’s not what we do now!”


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