Tuesday, May 28, 2024

Ripper gripper at Hassenbrook Academy

THE Year 11 Drama students from Hassenbrook Academy took to the stage last week to perform content based on twisted fairy tales and the stories of Jack the Ripper. Set across various performance spaces, strobe lighting and smoke effects helped set a chilling scene and allowed the audience to appreciate the gruesome nature of what they were about to witness.

Subject Leader of Drama, Ms Gabby Bradford said: “The Jack the Ripper scenes were based on fact however the performers devised their own interpretations of the characters after walking in the victims footsteps and experiencing a Ripper Vision Tour in Whitechapel last term.

“Further acts included ‘Candy House’, ‘Psycho Therapy’ and ‘Toy Box’. The evening was an outstanding success and our audience certainly felt the tension in the air!’


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