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Orsett Hall Comedy Club: Canada, Scotland and Egypt..Comedy to get the world roaring

By Jason Acres

WHAT a night… Simply the best night out I have ever had in Essex. Having never been to a
comedy club before.

I had no idea what I was letting myself in for, however from the second my fiancée and I arrived I knew it was going to be a good night. We drove through the Orsett Hall entrance following the trail of glowing lights leading to the car park, and listened for the sound of laughter to lead us to the pavilion. I’m sure this plan would have worked if we weren’t 2 hours early; so instead we followed the pathway marked ‘comedy club’ to check out the pre show buffet and help prop up the bar.

At the entrance to the garden pavilion we were greeted by a gentleman named Leo, who I am certain was the nicest man I have ever met, and through his welcoming and enthusiastic approach when showing us to our seats really got the night off on a great foot. After a plate of chicken curry and a cold shandy, the tables really started to fill up. Groups of people out for work parties, stag nights, hen nights, date nights surrounded us and it proved this show really was appealing to just about everyone.

The show began with the host David Ward who settled everyone in very nicely. His banter with the crowd set a friendly tone for the rest of the night and you could almost see the audience settle back in their chairs and open themselves up to be entertained… and criticised if you were brave enough to try out your own jokes as a come back to his quick wit.

David soon handed over to the first featured comedian of the night Dougie Dunlop. Described as a modern day Billy Connelly, Dougie is a highly talented Scotsman well recognised for his comic abilities and he uses these abilities to effortlessly send the whole room into fits of laughter by delivering his unique take on everyday life.

The second featured comic to take to the stage was none other than the Canada born John Hastings. John manages to control the audience with observational comedy related to every day events and has a great way of delivering this in a way that makes you connect what he is saying to something you have already done or witnessed in your own daily life, which in my opinion only makes it funnier.

John left us with a historical note on the origin of beer, and trust me, I never thought it would feel quite as awesome to have beer come out of my nose until it involuntarily happened while listening to him talk about drunk Egyptian slaves.

In summary; Orsett Hall’s Comedy Club is definitely an event to check out.



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