Monday, March 27, 2023

Action taken after Linford store sells alcohol to fourteen-year-old

ON Tuesday (19 March) Thurrock council’s licensing sub-committee considered requests from the council own trading standards supported by Essex Police to review the licence at Browns Stores (Lloyds Linford Stores) on East Tilbury Road.

The sub-committee heard the premises licence is held by Mr and Mrs Lloyd and The Designated Premises Supervisor is Mrs Tracy Lloyd.

In January trading standards asked for the review, relating to the protection of children from harm – after the off-licence allowed the sale of alcohol to a 14-year-old voluntarily working with trading standards.

A letter from the police’s licensing unit supported trading standards that the licence should not be fully revoked, but stringent conditions should be applied.

The conditions include:

A trading standards “approved refusals book” is kept and used and all staff should be trained how to use it.

A “Challenge 25” policy is to be adopted.

The only acceptable forms of identification will be a photographic driving licence, a passport or a “PASS” approved identification card.

All new and present staff selling alcohol will have to attend PASS training.

Mrs Tracy Lloyd is removed and replaced by a Personal Licence Holder who is in day-to-day control of the sale of alcohol.

Chair of the sub-committee, Cllr Mike Stone, said: “The sale of alcohol to young people under 18 is wrong and in this case the young person was only 14. There is no way a mistake was made.

“Hopefully this will send a message to everyone who sells age-restricted goods in Thurrock – whether it is alcohol, tobacco or even glue – that the council and the police will catch you and will take action.”


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