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Arena Essex: Stox mini a major factor in final

THE Mini Stox provided the race of the day in their final at Arena Essex. Double heat winner, Harry Steward was turned left by Tommy Aylward at the end of the home straight, an incident that saw Steward spin into Kayleigh Glover, Glover in turn collecting Aylward and sending him for a hard impact with the fence. Oil on turn four caused last meetings dominant force, Lauren Overy, to glance off the barrier bringing her race to a finish. Ryan Polley spun as he attacked the back bumper of Jones but he fought his way to the front on the final lap. A lap down Steward was following in his wheeltracks and moved ahead of Polley and as they approached the final bend Polley mistakenly took him for the leader and put in a move which took both of them out onto the oil where Steward spun and Polley found himself blocked by the spun car of Harry Newman. This allowed a surprised Dan Newman to take the win from Cole Atkins and Connor Reeve.

Ashley Birkin won both heats and the final in the Lightning Rods but his final victory was very hard fought indeed. A small grid of cars it may have been but everyone on it seemed to have exactly the same pace which made it a very strategic battle indeed. Birkin stuck rigidly to the inside line allowing car after car to try its luck around the outside. Richard Warner, Adam Eyles, Gary Greenland and Chris Reeve all had turns with the latter probably coming closest to overhauling Birkin, but as each challenger faded, they found themselves railroaded to the back of the pack with someone else left to take up the cudgels. At the flag it was Anthony Lawrence in Birkins tyre tracks, the erstwhile points leader choosing to play it safe throughout the race, rarely stepping into the outside line.

A delighted Lee Johnson won the first heat in the Rookie Bangers before getting a bit more involved in the action of heat two rolling over the car of Alfie Rye, bringing the race to a halt. At the restart Ron Hammond and Anthony Kirk played a bit of cat and mouse before Dan Reid came along and destroyed Kirk with a stonking hit. Wayne Londors won the race. The ladies found themselves in trouble in the final with stoppages first for Sue Acourt, who got a heavy hit in the side from Jack Stonely and then a heavy frontal impact for Paige Ramsden. From the restart Billy Joe Sandford received a heavy hit from Mason Clark and then the rest of the race was all about Darren Mouser who was using his crippled car to cause as much chaos as possible. David Cheeseman took the win. The Destruction Derby saw Mouser and Reid finish each other off as Clark went in hard on Robert Knight, who had been entertaining all afternoon. Knight continued and went up on two wheels as he hit Danny Londors and then finished off himself and Ron Hammond. Wayne and Danny Londors then battled with Sandford with the latter eventually getting the verdict.


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