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Chafford Keri’s lapdance gets Simon Cowell on stage at Britain’s Got Talent!

A CHAFFORD HUNDRED dancer got Britain’s Got Talent judges Simon Cowell and David Walliams on stage.

Keri Burnett-Graham (43) went to the auditions in January and performed an exotic dance with a chair.

Things did not start well, as Simon Cowell buzzed immediately but after the routine he said: “I’d like to remove my X”.

David Walliams enjoyed the performance but said that it could be improved if Simon became involved.

The routine was enhanced with Simon sitting on the chair and David and Keri dancing around him.

This was the first time for several years that Simon Cowell had agreed to take part in an on stage performance.

Afterwards Amanda Holden praised Keri saying:

“Your body is incredible. There is not a bit of wobbliness on you anywhere.”

And all it seems to have worked as Keri has made it through to the next round.


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