Monday, May 27, 2024

Chaos through the evening at Tilbury Asda roundabout

TRAFFIC was brought to a standstill in Tilbury after a large HGV spilled onto its side.

The incident occurred at the Asda roundabout in Tilbury.

The large waste carrier spilled onto its side in the middle of the afternoon, partly blocking the road.

Although it was anticipated it would be clear at 6pm, traffic was still being diverted.

Maritime Transport stated on their twitter account: “Dock Road Tilbury is currently closed. Sadly, a Maritime vehicle is on its side after a rollover! Sorry for any inconvenience.”

Ensign buses ROUTES 66 & 99 – Subject to disruption and not able to serve Tilbury Asda due to overturned lorry at Asda roundabout until end of service.

Photo courtesy of Geoffrey Smith.


  1. I was caught in the dock approach road just after it had happened. I thought I would be there for hours, but instead it was only 15 minutes.
    Very quick response from the emergency services.
    2 Fire engines, 2 Ambulances, 4 Police vehicles, and the air ambulance.

  2. Not really surprised a lorry turned over on that roundabout lorry’s drive way to fast around it my mum was nearly wiped out last Thursday by a lorry trying to under take. Its not the first and I’m shore won’t be the last.


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