Thursday, September 28, 2023

Labour councillors give their response to mould in Ockendon

AS OUR readers and viewers may know, YT is spending quite a lot of time in the west of the borough, looking at the human misery of mould in their properties.

Many residents have praised the work of the two Conservative councillors in Ockendon, cllrs Lynn Carr and Barry Johnson.

In the interest of balance, we asked the other four Labour councillors in the area, a number of questions, regarding the mould problems that have and are continue to blight the lives of their residents.

Cllr Aaron Kiely did not reply.

Cllr Sue Gray did not reply.

Cllr Wendy Curtis replied on behalf of herself and her husband, cllr Charlie Curtis.

Cllr Curtis said: “We have visited a lot of residents in Belhus.”

YT left several messages with the portfolio holder for housing and deputy leader of Thurrock Council, cllr Val Morris-Cook but she did not reply at the time of publication.

They may all be interested to know that we did meet one Belhus resident, bright, articulate, war veteran who said that he might be interested in standing for Thurrock Council in 2014, for UKIP………..


  1. Are the Labour Councillors just plain stupid? This is a big local issue, it shouldn’t be a party political issue, it is a issue that concerns residents and a good local councillor should be actively meeting residents and trying to get the issue resolved. No amount of pre election spin and hype can hide your inaction on the issue.

  2. Very good Valen (Myles) Cook, I think you will find the response from them two years ago was, they did not believe mould was a problem and has Health implications, their perception still has not changed. But then again I doubt if Cllr Wendy Curtis will be too troubled to fight for her position in Belhus in May. Is she not in line for Mayor?

  3. Many residents have praised the work of the two Conservative councillors in Ockendon, cllrs Lynn Carr and Barry Johnson.

    Its typical that these two councillor’s are jumping on the band wagon once the work has been done, Am I right in thinking that a Belhus resident has done all the hard work without the support from any Councillor!! or am I wrong.

  4. Candour if the “work has all been done” then why are people still going to their councillors? It would appear that the council have NOT done all they can to remove the mould and if residents need to look for help who else can they turn to, I am sure the Belhus resident has done all they can to bring this terrible problem to the fore, but would not want residents bothering them with all their concerns, the council have to get their finger out and eradicate it.

  5. Maybe the Labour Councillors are taking a leaf out of Cllr Kielly’s book ūüôā

    Joking aside you have to ask the questions of these councilliors why they have done nothing for the residents and cannot even give a satisfactory answer to the mould problem, they seem to have a total disregard to the local people, whats the betting they will door knocking come the local elections and giving out empty promises.

  6. A very disappointing response.

    Sadly though, quite typical. I suppose until one of the politicians family members suffers from a direct mould related incident, it wont feature very high on the list.

    As much as we want to raise the awareness of mould, I wouldnt actually want anyone to experience the horrendous and sometimes life limiting symptoms that can result from mould exposure.

    Well All, make a mental note. I can say we have had great support locally from our conservative MP. Vote wisely.

    Let’s hope the word will spread in the House of Commons bar.


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