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Tories slam council “fat cat salaries”

THE number of council staff receiving over £100,000 a year has risen by 40% after Labour took over Thurrock Council, according to latest top pay figures say the Thurrock Conservative group.

A report compiled by the Taxpayers’ Alliance shows that in 2010/11, 10 council staff received a six figure package. In 2011/12, this had risen to 14. The number, which represents almost £2 million in pay, pension contributions and one pay-off, is higher than equivalent figures for Barking (10 staff) and Southend – who have just 7. These figures follow a damning report in February showing staff being paid more than £50,000 per year was up over 50%.

Conservative spokesman for finance Cllr Barry Johnson said “For the second time in 3 months I am stunned at the latest council pay figures. Less than 10 councils increased their number of top earners by more than Thurrock, and we’re now in the top 40 councils nationally for most staff paid over £100,000.”

“Labour run Thurrock was exposed in February’s for the massive increase in staff earning over £50,000, this latest news shows continues to show how out of control top pay is under Labour.”

Cllr Johnson added “No doubt Labour will trot out the same old excuses about ‘cost of living pay increases’ and ‘redundancy payments’ but the truth is clear both salaries and the number of the highest paid are going up. Labour show no leadership on this and are happy to be spoon fed reports about pay rather than challenging them. They seem to forget that spending money on highly paid members of staff means increased Council Tax or cuts to staff who are on the frontline of service delivery.”


  1. We need a new approach to public sector pay across the board.

    No-one in the public sector should be on a salary higher that that of the PM. If people want to earn big bucks than they are welcome to use their ‘talents’ and move into the private sector where taxpayers are not subsidising such wages.

    Labour will do nothing to combat this at this is one of their main voting demographics – middle class, well paid public sector workers. They wouldn’t want to upset them now would they.

    It’s also good to see that Conservative Southend are slightly more economical than Thurrock and our new relative, Barking and Dagenham.

  2. This all points to additional layers of management, probably redundant levels of management at that. It’s a dead man’s shoes environment whereby most will join the ranks when they are young, Hang on for their pension, take their pension and then become a councillor. The next person in line steps into their shoes.

    They create levels of mostly non existent managment to enable them to promote people who get grumpy after 10 or 15 years of doing the same job without a pay rise, apart form their increments and cost of living rises of course.

    I have known people that have had the title of manager without being rsponsible for staff and having a small budget to spend to justify being called a manager. You hit a certain age and look at what you’re getting for a pension. Hey presto your a manager with the salary and final salary pension to match.

  3. unless i am mistaken jmw118 the council tax rose by 2%, well thats what it said on my council tax bill

  4. Oh what a short memory Cllr Barry Johnson has.

    Folks should remember when the Conservatives last ran the Council they paid fat cat salaries to a horde of interim managers and consultants – when Labour took control they started replacing interim managers with permanent managers and replacing massively expensive consultants with salaried staff.

    I’m sure I can dig out some rather embarrassing facts and figures to refresh Cllr Johnsons memory 🙂

  5. Let us not forget that permanent salaried staff carry an overhead of at least 45% when employed. Depending on how interim staff and consultants are employed, I would hazard a guess the differential wouldn’t be that great when this was taken into account. Clearly some of the consultants Thurrock has employed in the past have been over the top.

    Employing a person on a permanent full time basis isn’t always the best option for the council or the person being employed. The main reason councils now do this is mainly due to political dogma and the fact that they have a greater pool to choose from. When the economy picks up again the chances are councils will start to lose staff again at the top end.


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