Tuesday, May 21, 2024

Mr Quest will be on the summer concert trail

IT IS always good to hear the music of Mr Quest. And it is easier now to hear his music on I-Tunes.

Grays-based Mr Quest is one of many Thurrock artists who will be out and about in the festival tours this summer.

QUEST first emerged during the illegal rave scene in the early 90s. He started out life DJing on pirate radio stations and rave clubs in the Essex, Kent and South East London area. He soon progressed into MCing and music production.

QUEST was always very passionate about the vocal element of music due to his love of the UK Reggae scene that he grew up listening to. This being the case, he soon found himself heavily involved in the jungle music scene. He soon linked up with the scenes mic stand gladiators producing and releasing tracks with name brand artists like The Ragga Twins, MC Five0, MC Det, MC Skibadee. America’s TC Islam to name just a few.

QUEST was also producing lots of material with unknown vocalists hailing from all over England, Jamaica and the US. He soon became a pioneer in his own right being one of the first producers/record labels to put full vocals tracks out on vinyl in the jungle drum n bass industry. He was already carving a very familiar style much like the Reggae sound systems of the 80s, He’s Record label Solid Vinyl was well recognised internationally for its ruff and real sound, giving the listeners a glimpse into the UK’s jungle drum and bass street vibe. There was no hard sell, no big money backing, just real ground level artist expressing them selves. Some called it Bashment DnB.

Nowadays, QUEST still has a strong unit of vocalist round him and has a full on stage show featuring tracks from his current albums “Good Vibes”, “Do You Get Me Tho” and “The Diary of a Drum and Bass Jungliz” You can also find him in the classroom tutoring and mentoring the next generation working with The London Urban Arts Academy.

The full SOLID VINYL showcase features Jah Prento aka Prento Youth, Lady MC, Lady Cee, Mr Mackkah, Mad Cutter and on special occasions The Ragga Twins. The show consists of QUEST throwing down all his dub plates with the featured artists performing their tracks live.


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