Tuesday, April 16, 2024

Residents hope for better week with bin collections

YOU MAY have noticed that there was a little bit of a glitch regarding the new bin service last week. Thurrock Council is rolling out a new “Same Service, different day.” system that will, eventually, be a lot more “logistically smarter.”

However, last week left a lot of residents very very angry.

Here is an edited version of an angry letter from Ockendon resident, Chris Savill.


I am sure other roads in Ockendon and Thurrock have a similar problem with this council. Why are we paying good money to these people via our Council Taxes in order to be treated badly.

I have been quiet enough over the past two years but now I am bouncing back to see some heads roll. I can’t email Aaron Kiely because he is a non entity for the people of South Ockendon.

Anyway, we were promised this collection and now they have turned our street into a hole! Some of these bins have been out since much earlier in the morning (Friday) and have been scavenged by cats and foxes. Probably even by hungry people!

Enough is enough bring back our normal collection! We’ve had enough of the bright sparks in council making rubbish decisions!! Not the first time this has happened either! Check out the photo’s and support the people of South Ockendon! Thank you.

Chris Savill


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