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Tory MEP future in peril and another survives by single vote

THE FUTURE OF one of the borough’s MEPs is on a knife edge as he faces a ballot for re-selection to be next year’s candidate for the european elections.

This comes after Mr Campbell Bannerman failed to win the support of 60% of constituency chairman

David Campbell Bannerman said: “I fully support the democratic right of constituency chairmen to have a choice on who should have a bye on selection – I was only narrowly below the high threshold required.

“I will be going forward into the full membership ballot and have a strong story to tell, as an active Conservative of 23 years standing and with two thirds of Conservative supporters, like me, wanting to see the UK in a trading relationship with the EU but not as a member of the EU.

“When I returned to the Conservatives from UKIP I did not ask for any special treatment, just to be treated as an ordinary Conservative MEP member. I welcome the chance to have my wider views endorsed by the whole East of England membership.”

Richard Howitt MEP, who has been unanimously re-selected to stand at the top of the Labour list for the 2014 European Elections said:

“This shows the Tories at war with UKIP in the East of England, sticking the knife in to someone they’d so recently welcomed with open arms, despite the fact most of them agree with every word he says.

“Mr Campbell-Bannerman appears to be the carpet-bagger who has had the rug pulled from underneath him.

“The selection of new Labour candidates is well underway, and while the Tories are tearing each other apart, we are building a strong and coherent team in place and are already campaigning on the issues that matter most to local people.”

By failing to win the required support in the meeting of local Conservative Association Chairs, Mr. Campbell-Bannerman must now apply to stand amongst other new candidates, without any guarantee of success and without the reserved places in winnable positions at the top of the candidate list enjoyed by his two colleagues.


  1. All in all I really don’t think this matters.

    Hardly anyone knows who their MEPs are or what they do. Most people do not care and I imagine most people will be voting for UKIP candidates in 2014 anyway.

    As for Howitt…I am yet to see him campaign about our lack of border control, caused by the EU, or about the tide of new residents we will receive come Jan 1st 2014 or about the repatriation of those who are here but not supposed to be (a quick walk around Grays and you’ll see what I mean). Until then him and his Labour friends are failing to address the issues that matters to this local person

  2. Wow! Bernard87 you can tell from a “quick walk around Grays” who is an illegal immigrant. You beat Louie the sniffer dog hands down. Well done. I didn’t know you could tell from a quick walk. Amazing!

  3. “Tories back Tory MEPs over defector”… Yeah, amazing.

    I wish Richard every success “campaigning on the issues that matter most to local people” such as denying us an EU referendum; deciding whether they support ordinary working families or benefits scroungers; and of course, finding things to spend money they don’t have on.

  4. McG/Ed – It’s one of the pleasures of being from the East End, you got used to seeing new people arriving all the time. Needless to say not everyone in Grays is here illegally – Labour made sure they gave millions a British passport after all

  5. The Labour Euro tarts are campaigning on what matters most to them. Their huge salaries and expenses they collect for a non job. As are the other liberal elite MEP’s . They like nothing better than to sit around a Belgian of French bar telling people in Britain what they should be doing.

    Has Howitt campaigned to tell the ECHR to get stuffed. Has Howitt campaigned to tell Europe we don’t want any more people from failed Eastern European economies. Has he stopped labelling British people as lazy workshy layabout’s. He may be right when it comes to those that vote Labour and have arrived over the last 10 years or so.

    The Euro is still far from safe and the EU super state is about as popular in Europe at the moment as the Black death was 600 years ago. I can’t wait to see the back of the grovelling sycophants.

  6. As always I have to agree with NoVoice…the ‘benefits’ of the EU are far outweighed by the positives. How anyone can support a ‘union’ whose main aim is to run each country down and to blur their identities is beyond me. Politicians these days are just not very patriotic.

  7. As Bernard87 said at the beginning, I expect most people will be voting UKIP in the euro elections next year – the party which according to a report by the Mirror are the laziest British Group in the European Parliament!

  8. Most Euro MPs turn up sign in and leave so they collect their £300 per day attendance allowance. So they don’t stay for the meeting but the public record looks as though they attend lots of meetings.

    UKIP MEPs don’t take part in this charade and get accused of being lazy!

  9. If I remember rightly the Kinnocks were caught doing the very same thing along with many other MEP’s. I also remember reading that leass than half of the MEP’s that sign in for their expenses actually turn up for debates in the hot air shop. What would the Daily Mirror say about UKIP though. Dreary old left wing rag on a par with the Guardian.


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