Monday, April 15, 2024

Chadwell residents protest against proposed development

OVER 150 residents attended a meeting of the Chadwell St Mary community forum to express their concerns over the proposed developments near to Orsett Heath.

The development which is planned for just north west of Chadwell St Mary has been roundly condemned by a large number of residents.

Chair of the Chadwell Community Forum, Peter Saunders said: “There was clearly strong but measured feeling at the meeting.

“Many of the residents concerns are over an already stretched infrastructure. Not only the roads but also the schools and surgeries.”

A spokesperson for the developers said: “We were pleased to be invited to a Community Forum meeting at this early stage in the concept for new affordable and market housing rounding off Chadwell St Mary to the north.

“We outlined the concept and the approach to preparing a proposal through detailed assessments and consultation with all interested parties.

“Among the points raised at the Forum many people had worries about extra traffic and further demands on health and education services. Residents were assured that there concerns are key considerations.

How the concept will integrate the new with the existing and how and where new investment from development may deliver enhanced services for a new neighbourhood and the wider community of Chadwell St Mary will emerge as the details are progressed.”


  1. Lets just hope that this is not another “done deal”, as the Woodview/Thurrock College estate was.

  2. It’s a horrible plan which can only be passed in Thurrock. Other parts of Essex would have told the developers to get lost but I’m almost certain it will be passed. Green belt land in this borough doesn’t mean a thing.


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