Thursday, September 21, 2023

Council kick off “Transforming homes” programme

THURROCK’S ‘Transforming Homes’ programme kicked off with a lively start at the Culver Centre in South Ockendon yesterday (Monday 24 June) for the five year investment programme to improving council homes to a ‘Beyond Decency’ standard.

This was the first of many sessions where local residents and businesses alike could find out what opportunities might come their way as a result of a multi-million pound investment in homes in the borough.

Contractors: Wates, Keepmoat and Lakehouse were at hand at the event held to answer resident’s questions about the refurbishment programme and what it means for them. Thameside Electricals, CG Group, Econogas, Fleetwood Building and Maintenance and Total Maintenance were some of the local companies that attended and were able to discuss signing-up with the contractors who have all committed to sub-contracting a portion of work to local firms.

The afternoon was a lively session with up to 60 local residents questioning council officers and contractors about the programme and discussing any questions they may have about what it means for them. Residents were also able to see pictures and samples of the new kitchens and bathrooms that would soon be installed in their own homes.

Cllr Val-Morris Cook, Portfolio Holder for Housing at Thurrock Council said: “Yesterday’s event showed that the money spent on Council homes benefits the wider community and not just Council tenants. In a time of recession it’s important to extract as much value out of this contract as possible. Through using our money smartly we have been able to work with our contractors to ensure that benefits to the wider community in the form of jobs, sub-contracting, supplying materials and training and apprenticeships have also formed a key part of this refurbishment programme.”

Further sessions will soon be held linking the contractors to local colleges to ensure that training and apprenticeship opportunities are also made available to local people. More resident consultations will also take place in every locality over the coming weeks.

The council has already written to tenants who will be part of the programme with details of inspections and how they can arrange to view some of the show flats to give them an idea of what to expect.

Housing tenant participation officers and contractor resident liaison officers will also visit residents to discuss any additional requirement our more vulnerable residents may have before any of the works are planned to commence in their individual homes.

For more information on the Council’s Transforming Homes programme visit


  1. Does anybody know which area the money is being spent. My bet is the areas the Glorious leader is most afraid of losing seats at the next election will be first on the list.

  2. We need to remember this is a first for any council to go beyond Decency standards for their residents and good on them. I have been to the meetings and seen the commitment of Kathrin and her team at TBC who have worked tirelessly to make this happen. We do not always agree but Kathrin does listen to the views of the residents and implements them where necessary. The port folio holder of Housing does not appear to attend these meetings which is of some concern considering the scale of this project.
    NoVoice the answer to your question is, yes Tilbury.

  3. I’m stunned. Have they given up Kiely’s seat as a lost cause or is that the year after. A couple of points. Where did they get the money from considering the glorious leader was crying poverty 3 months ago. Last year we were told that Thurrock’s housing stock was already above decent standard. Sorry a third, what’s happened to the thousand houses they were going to build.

  4. not another pot of money being throw at tilbury?,it seems to get far more than its fair share of local money.

  5. I hear Labour are flogging off pieces of Grays Beach Park.

    Some with long memories will recall Labour scaremongering that the Tories were going to sell it off.

    A few years later and we find Labour doing exactly what they claimed the Tories were going to do.

    The utter hypocrites. The silence is deafening that nobody appears to be opposing this sell off.


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