Wednesday, April 17, 2024

Football: Another chance for Newby at Rocks

EAST Thurrock United manager John Coventry has announced that he will be welcoming Kris Newby back to the club for pre-season training and says that the door is not closed on a return to the starting line-up for the Rocks for the highly-rated young player.

Towards the end of last season Newby made national newspaper headlines and was featured on TV after his addiction to gambling was revealed by his fiancé.

His position at East Thurrock was described as untenable by the club and Newby joined Grays Athletic and helped them achieve promotion from the Ryman Division One North.

At the time Coventry announced that Newby’s situation has impacted on the player’s relationship with the club and himself on a personal level and at the time Coventry said Newby would not play for the club ever again.

However, time has proved something of a healer and with Newby continuing to seek expert help with his addiction, Coventry says the player deserves another chance.

“At the time things with Kris accelerated quickly and maybe some things were said in haste on all sides. I was perhaps a little naive about the problem facing Kris and I now appreciate that he was suffering from an illness.

“In a situation where someone is ill, they deserve help and support not condemnation and as I have learned a lot more about Kris’s problems and the manner in which he has addressed them, I feel that it would be unhelpful and unfair if East Thurrock didn’t afford him the courtesy of more support.

“Kris will return for pre-season and we will see how it goes from there. He is a contracted player with our club and if things go well in pre-season it is possible he will stay here and resurrect his East Thurrock career – or it may be that other opportunities become available.

“Only time will resolve those issues and the least we can do is give Kris that time.”


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