Ofsted: Quarry Hill still suffers from “low expectations”

QUARRY HILL primary continues to find itself under pressure after the government watchdog Ofsted delivered a highly critical report.

The school is similar to its neighbouring senior school, Grays School, in that it appears to have crawled out of special measures but continues to, in football parlance, hover above the relegation zone, with a succession of “Requires Improvement” judgments.

Many will be concerned at the criticism of the leaders.

The report makes the following criticisms.

1.Teaching is not consistently good yet to ensure that pupils make good progress year on year in English and mathematics.

2. Pupils’ achievement is improving but it is not consistently good over time, especially in writing.

3.Teachers do not always have high expectations of what pupils can learn and are not always clear about what pupils are expected to gain from the activities they plan.

4.Marking does not consistently help pupils to improve their work and they do not always have the opportunity to respond to teachers’ comments.

5.Pupils have insufficient opportunities to improve their writing skills in different subjects.

6.Less-able pupils do not make rapid enough progress because teachers do not always make the best use of additional adults to support them.

7.Teachers are not doing enough to help pupils to develop good handwriting and presentation skills.

8.Leaders are not sufficiently focused on setting targets for teachers that are designed to speed up pupils’ progress.

9.Not all leaders are sufficiently involved in the drive to improve teaching and raise standards.

The report makes the following positive comments.

1. The rate of progress in reading and mathematics has improved over the past two years.

2. Pupils behave well. Their good attitudes to learning contribute well to the school’s positive ethos.

3.Pupils develop good understanding of the cultural diversity within the school and value others’ beliefs and ways of life.
4.Leaders and governors have an accurate view of the school’s effectiveness.

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