Friday, April 19, 2024

Two arson attacks in one night at disused Jack Lobley school

FIRE CREWS were called to two fires in one day at the disused Jack Lobley School in Leicester Road,Tilbury.

The incident commander reported at 4.30 pm that the fire was in one room of a single storey building.

Crews wearing breathing apparatus are using one hose reel jet to fight the fire.

Update 17:10hrs:

Crews are using two hose reels to tackle the fire.

The incident commander reports that one room is affected by fire and smoke is affecting 20% of the building.

There was a fire at the same location in early May.


Fire crews were called to a second fire this evening at the disused Jack Lobley School.

Crews used two main jets and two hose reel jets.

A thermal image camera was used to check for any remaining hotspots.

The fire was extinguished by 21:52hrs. An investigation will be carried out.



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